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PhiRemoval in Miami

Address: 860 via de la Paz suite A5 Pacific Palisades 90272
Contact number: (310)926-3278
Course date: Dec 16, 2018
Course date: -
Price: 1800

About the training

PhiRemoval is not only a unique formulation but also a well designed system of actions enabling to preserve a healthy skin.

The PhiRemoval methodology does not accelerate results! PhiRemoval does not promise results immediately after the first procedure! This is a careful attitude to the skin health and aesthetics! PriRemoval is the philosophy of beauty and aesthetics.     

PhiRemomal is based on a glycolic acid which features a strong penetrative quality. A ‘staccato’ motion does not seriously injure the skin, and we inject a product in all layers where a pigment is deposited. PhiRemoval injection in the skin induces a reaction during which a pigment is softened and pushed out to the surface.




Brows, lips, eyeliner    

Body tattoos that have been removed by laser, but where some of the tattoo still remains     

Small body tattoos     




1 day live certification course which includes working on a live model     

Starter kit will contains: PhiRemoval 10ml, Neutralizer 10ml, Soothing gel 10 pcs, Anti-scar gel 5 pcs , Needles selection 20 pcs, Universal holder 1 piece, PhiRemoval Craftmaster Online Application (6 months subscription): designed to facilitate your continued learning process and interaction with your instructor beyond the course     




The tattoo removal tool is used in a similar way as tattooing or micropigmentation with the same equipment        

The tattoo extraction formula starts working almost immediately after drawing out the original tattoo ink, moving upwardly through the skin        

The scab with tattoo ink is formed over the treated area in the next few days. As the skin is healing, even more unwanted tattoo ink gets drawn out     

The scab starts to peel off naturally, extracting the unwanted tattoo ink. Those receiving the treatment are likely to have a secondary scab containing even more tattoo ink.      



Here is the information about PhiRemoval course.      


The course lasts for 1 day and it consists of a theoretical and practical part. You will get a starter kit and certification of attendance and also 6 months craft suport where you will be in contact for 6 months directly with the master !         

The starter kit contains:  PhiRemoval 10ml, Neutraliser 10ml,  Soothing gel  10 pcs, Antiscar gel 5 pcs, Needles selection 20 pcs      Universal holder  1 pc, Craft Master support is provided for 6 months.      


This is the training plan:     

Basic info about Phiremoval.     

Differences between the tattoo remover products and methods      




Products kit     

Machine or needles     

Indications for PhiRemovals.      

All about scars     

Work on live models      


The price it's 1800$  To register you have to pay 500$ to reserve your spot , you can pay PayPal , credit card and direct deposit !