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About the academy



PhiAcademy create beauty through golden proportions (Phi 1.618). We see the perfection in golden proportion between two extremes. With respect to modern lifestyle, our studies are designed in such a way to save precious time and provide maximum surveillance and maximum available information at the same time.


We know that you can learn everything if the material is divided into small portions that are taught separately. The number of perfect design or (1,618) that phibrows artists use is marked with the Greek letter PHI in mathematics and art and is also the reason for the name PHIREMOVAL

The whole system results in the most appreciated and best paid artists in the world of microblades.

Phibrows is used worldwide, and the Phibrows logo is a sign of prestige, talent and supreme equipment.


The creator of the academy





Branko Babic Microblading Academy is the oldest Microblading school in Europe. The idea of ​​the manual eyebrow drawing method came from China, but Branko adapted the original technique to the model of the European woman, which is very different from the Asian model. How did Branko Babic start a revolution in the world of semi-permanent makeup?


Besides adapting the Asian method, he also:

- has introduced the golden proportion with the help of the compass to create the shape
- created the "fractal pattern of yarns"
- introduced the digital calculation of symmetry using its Phibrows application
- invented new tools like "excentric holder", "Phibrows tool", "phibrush"
- created the first Microblading pigment that does not contain heavy metals and is not based on iron oxide
has raised hygiene standards to the highest possible level
- created a new concept of teaching techniques using a specially tailored system for online learning, the Craft Master application

You can find the PhiREMOVAL artists on the map at
Among them is the Royal Artist. These are the artists whose talent is recognized by all Masters in the Academy. This means that the Academy guarantees a supreme technique and supreme material used by all people who choose to treat their Royal Artist

All Royal Artists have the opportunity to become Masters of the Academy, and the highest level of advancement is Grand MASTER. The title is an artist who has improved the technique and raised it to another level using new methods.

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