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Nicoleta Palmer was born in Romania. With an early education in medicine, she saw her aspirations shift while attending the Romanian Institute of Art and Makeup. At the institute, she was introduced to the secret geometry of the face structure. Here is where her passion of brow philosophy began.


She moved to the United States in 1997 with her knowledge of perfecting natural brows and providing sensational skin care services. In 2004, she was trained in permanent makeup but she never been attracted  to the effect of the solid look of traditional permanent makeup. Through experience with many different clients, Nicoleta began to notice the many mistakes on brows, eyeliners, lips shapes and colors which influenced her to research different ways to enhance the natural look, including removal methods.


In 2007, she started to attend many removal seminars, including laser. Instead of being satisfied with the developing techniques, she was more concerned with the health risks on the skin. In 2016 she discovered Phiremoval, the brand of the most prestigious and professional PhiAcademy by Branko Babic. Phiremoval proved to be the answer to every question and frustration she had over the years. She is a Phiremoval master educator ,microblading royal artist and PhiContour artist !


She owns a salon in Pacific Palisades, California, specializing in microblading, removal, lips and eyes. Seeing clients everyday gives her the special understanding of the challenges that new artists face. She does not just teach by the book, she teaches with her experiences that she shares with clients.


Her amazing work has been featured in People Magazine, Star Magazine, Angelina Magazine, and more. Her brow revolution attracted celebrity clientele including Sienna Miller, Paula Patton, Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Ritchie, Tanya Thicke, Roselyn Sanchez, Sylvester Stallone and many others. Nicoleta is a skilled, influential pioneer in the growing technique of Phiremoval to achieve simple, healthy beauty for all.             


Nicoleta Palmer            

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